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Clutter Barn

The Clutter Barn is now open for the season!

The Clutter Barn is the thrift shop of the United Church of Underhill. It is located in the Gifford Building beside the United Church of Underhill, right off Route 15 on Park Street in Underhill.

For information, please contact Sharon Damkot at 899-3572, Kathy Williamson at 899-3122, or Betty Wilson at 363-8311.

Want to shop?

The Clutter Barn is open for shopping from 8:00AM – 3:00PM on the last Saturday of each month from May through August. It is also open during all of Harvest Market on the last weekend in September. (Click on the “Harvest Market” link in the “Events” section of this website for more information on Harvest Market.) See the “Want to donate?” section for an idea of what you can find at the Clutter Barn, and come back often – lots of new stuff is available each month!


Want to donate?

The Clutter Barn opens for the season for donations on the first Saturday in May and continues to accept donations from 8:30AM until noon on Saturdays through the third weekend in September – except for Tag Sale days, the last Saturday of each month (see “Things we accept” section). We cannot accept donations on Tag Sale days.

THANK YOU for your donations!

Things we accept:

  • books
  • clothing (children and adult, all sizes):
    • we accept spring and summer clothing from May until July
    • we accept fall and winter items in August and September only
  • jewelry
  • toys
  • games
  • puzzles
  • costumes
  • kitchen items (pots & pans, baking pans, dishes, glasses, utensils, etc.)
  • linens, towels, and curtains
  • small appliances
  • small electronics
  • sports equipment
  • office/school supplies
  • greeting cards
  • knick-knacks
  • holiday and party decorations
  • sewing, knitting, and craft supplies
  • pictures and picture frames
  • selected furniture and bed frames

All items must be clean and in good working order.


Things we cannot accept:

  • mattresses
  • luggage
  • building or plumbing materials
  • car seats/booster seats
  • baby cribs
  • coat/clothes hangers
  • computers and/or computer equipment (including monitors)
  • printers
  • photocopy machines
  • fax machines
  • large appliances
  • large exercise equipment
  • large rugs
  • encyclopedias
  • magazines (including National Geographic)
  • textbooks
  • microwave/convection ovens
  • roof carriers, truck tops, or truck racks
  • telephones
  • televisions
  • tires or tire rims