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Sermon series: Into the Story

As followers of Jesus Christ we have a great, incredible, wonderful, marvelous, life-changing, world-changing STORY we can call our own.  The Bible is not a list of rules.  It is not a collection of human wisdom.  It is not “Basic. Information. Before. Leaving. Earth.”  It is STORY.  And as STORY it is rich, complicated, multi-faceted and multi-vocal.  As STORY it resists easy answers and simple summaries.  As STORY it invites us into itself, asks us to poke around a bit, to question, to wrestle, to get angry, to fall in love, to let it sink into us, and ultimately, it sends us back out into our lives to be storytellers.

As I look at my life, as I look the lives of those around me, and as I look at our shared ministry together in the United Church of Underhill, I am 100% sure that what I need, and what we all need, is more of the STORY of God’s love in Jesus Christ.  And by more, I don’t mean that we need only more quantity, but we also need more depth.  To say it another way, what I think we really need this fall is to get roll up our sleeves, get out the shovel and pick axe and dig our way INTO THE STORY.

To help us with that, I am planning a sermon series that will run from September 13th through October 25th (minus September 27 which is Harvest Market, of course).  Each week I will choose a story and re-tell it in a way that I pray:

  1. will help you to hear the particular stories in new and powerful ways
  2. will also help you to hear the larger story of God’s love for us in new and powerful ways.

Here is the schedule (it may change as the Spirit moves):

September 13: “Sarah Laughs” (Genesis 18:1-15 & 21:1-7);

September 20: “Jacob Wrestles” (Genesis 32:22-32);

October 4: “The Golden Calf” (Exodus 32);

October 11: “Daniel and the Lion’s Den” (Daniel 6);

October 18: The Easter Story (various Gospel versions)

October 25: “Paul in Athens” (Acts 29:16-32).

I invite you to join us this fall.  Imagine what you could find.  Imagine how God might speak to you.  Imagine what will happen as you enter into this incredible, wonderful, marvelous, life-changing, world-changing STORY we are blessed to call our own.
Diggin’ in,

Pastor Kevin (after Pentecost 2015)