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Worship and Music Ministry Evaluation

For 2015, the Pastor-Parish Relations Ministry (The Listeners) is planning to evaluate the worship and music ministries of the United Church of Underhill.

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The goals of this evaluation are:

  1. to celebrate the areas where these ministries are successful
  2. to identify the areas where there is a need to improve
  3. to provide a tool we can use to better listen to one another and to discern where God is leading us

WE NEED AND VALUE YOUR INPUT!! To encourage your participation, for each survey returned the Listeners will donate $1 to the Food Shelf.

CONTACTS: As always, we are here to listen to your comments in a more private setting if that feels more appropriate.  Feel free to contact any one of us: Reg Anair (; 899-3643), Rachel Burroughs (; 899-4481), Bev Frank (; 899-3136), Liz Manz (; 899-3411), Sandy Wilmot (; 899-4366)