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Amos & Hosea Adult Education

The Biblical prophets Amos and Hosea seem so long ago and far away.  Even their names sound ancient, right — and what’s a prophet anyway?  Well, long ago and far away as they may be, they still have a word for our lives.  As was the case in their own times (8th century BCE), they carry a message we all need to hear:  a message about our need to do things differently…a message about God’s call to cross the bounddaries between “us” and “them”…a message about God’s tough love and amazing grace.  Won’t you join us for the word from Amos and Hosea?

Please join us on Wednesday evenings: February 29, March 7, 21, and 28 from 6:30-8:30 PM.

Contact Pastor Kevin at 899-1722 or to register and reserve your study guide.