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We dare ya – to doubt


Many people feel like they should wait until they “have it all figured out” before they should go to church. Everyone else there has it figured out already, right?

You’d be surprised. Pleasantly surprised.

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We dare ya – to think outside the box

It’s easy to think that you know what “church” means.

But we dare you – think again.

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We dare ya – to be a peacemaker

There are also many people who want to help heal this brokenness, overcome fear, and mend the divisions. Are you one of them?

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We dare ya – to visit us!

We know it can be scary to step into a new church.

But we also know that at this time of year, as we get back into the regular rhythms of the year, many people want to either get back into the habit of going to church or want to check out a church to find out what it is all about.

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