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Spring sermon series: Consider the Birds


All are invited to join us as we consider one bird on select Sundays in April and May using Debbie Blue’s provocative guide, entitled Consider the Birds.  This series will take place on the following Sundays:

April 3 – consider the pelican

April 10 – consider the sparrow

April 24 – stay tuned

May 8 – stay tuned

May  29 – stay tuned

Our considering will conclude on Sunday, May 29 with a bird watch at Mills Riverside Park led by Jason Crooks followed by a closing sermon from Pastor Kevin.  What can the birds teach us?  What can we learn about ourselves and our God in Christ from a pelican, a sparrow, an ostrich?  Worth considering?

Note: Thank you to Rev. Daniel Cooperrider of Weybridge UCC for the idea for this series.