Come Home for Christmas: Dec. 8 (Week 2)

Read and reflect.

Christmas Decoration Project – Pull out a few Christmas decorations and decorate your tree or your home. Choose one or two decorations and record yourself as you tell their story… Who made them? Where did they come from? Why are they special?

Weekly discussion questions:

  • Is decorating for Christmas something you anticipate with joy, or is it something you dread? Do you see it as an obligation of labor or a labor of love?
  • Why did you choose the decorations you are presenting? What memories do they evoke for you?
  • As you think of the story behind these special decorations, how does it alter your feelings about decorating your home?
  • How has this project affected you? Your relationship with someone else? Your relationship with God?

Also: Be prepared to share the title of your favorite Christmas carol.