Notes from Pastor Jen

Weekly news and updates from our Pastor, Jen Mihok

  • May 5, 2021 – Note from Pastor Jen

    For years, UCU has had a medical supply ministry, collecting and redistributing light-weight items that make the transition from in-patient care to life at home more manageable. Whether the need arises during recovery from surgery or more generally as one ages, UCU is happy to provide donated items such as shower chairs, walkers, wheel chairs, canes, and commodes to make life at home a bit more convenient. 

    Over the past year, we have seen a large uptick in donations of such items, perhaps in part because other donation centers were not able to operate. Recently, we’ve been reaching out to physical therapists and home health staff who work in the area to get the word out about our supplies. We also set up a table during last month’s Clutter Barn sale and shared on Front Porch Forum to make the community more aware of this option for both donation and assistance. If you or someone you know has a need or is looking to donate, call the church or send me an email.

    The ministry has been well received with notes and words of great gratitude, and occasionally with a thank offering to the church. Though perhaps not our most visible activity, it is a regular drumbeat of loving service that resonates throughout the year.

    This Sunday, we’ll celebrate another one of those ministries as we recognize the loving labor of our quilters and knitters. Worship will be on Zoom, but please join us in person for an afternoon open house to see one another and the quilts and knitted items. I hope to see many of you on Sunday!

    With gratitude, 

    Pastor Jen

  • April 28, 2021 – Note from Pastor Jen

    It was so wonderful to connect with many of you in person last weekend at the first of the season’s Clutter Barn Tag Sales. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped with tents, tags, tracking, and toting so that we could kick off the year well. 

    As the weather warms and we look forward to more opportunities to gather, we’re also in need of some special help when it comes to preparing our building. After the basement flood we had in February, we’re taking some time to clean, repair, and re-paint. A full task list is available at the church, but we are asking folks to sign up for shifts so as not to have too many people in the space at one time. A SignUp Genius link is available here.

    The tent directly behind our church building is available to reserve for small group in-person gatherings beginning in May. For the time being, we are asking people to continue to wear masks and keep a six-foot distance. The re-entry team will keep the church apprised of any changes to procedures.

    This Sunday, we’ll continue our Easter season worship with a communion service on Zoom. Bring some bread and juice with you as we feast together as branches of one vine.
    With springing hope,

    Pastor Jen