Joining Worship

November 29, 2022

As we gather on Advent’s second Sunday in search of peace, we are met with John the Baptist’s less consoling words: “you brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?” This week, we’ll explore what it means to be people of peace as we face the vipers within and without. Join us for communion worship at 10 am on Sunday.

New: For simplicity, we will now use the YouTube chat to share remote prayer requests. Due to the streaming delay, we will first share the prayer requests in the room before turning to the stream. YouTube chats are not archived, meaning the requests will only be seen in their written form during the live stream. However, they will become a part of the recording as they are repeated in the room.

Join the live stream.

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About our worship

Sanctuary worship with live stream. Our “regular” mode of worship these days is to gather in the sanctuary while simultaneously offering a livestream via YouTube. Here’s some more information on what to expect:

Masks are currently optional within the church building. We open windows and run fans in our sanctuary (year round!) to promote better ventilation.

Live stream cameras will focus on the worship leaders in the front of the sanctuary, but there will be a few times where the congregation will be visible on the live stream, so as to better connect remote and local worshippers. Three designated pews in the back right of the sanctuary will never appear on the live stream.

Online worship will remain available for those unable to join in person. If distance, risk factors, preference, or extenuating circumstances keep you from coming to the little white church on the green, you are still warmly welcome to worship! See above for more information on connecting via YouTube.

Recordings of the services (which may be edited for clarity) will appear on our YouTube channel after worship.