Easter Season 2021

Season Summary – Awaken!

With warmer weather, longer days, and the rollout of Vermont’s vaccination schedule, all signs point to better days ahead. Visions of Fourth of July celebrations dance in our heads as we prepare for the life routines we’ve been longing for. And yet, we may also find ourselves exhausted, hesitant, or perhaps–even to our own surprise–not fully ready to re-engage, even when the guidance says we can.

The gamut of emotions around next steps is more than understandable. We have become accustomed to this way of life that we did not choose. Though it was thrust quickly upon us, we won’t be able to move out of it with the same speed. Our individual circumstances—age, health, occupation, and activity level throughout the last year—will have a great impact on how and when we feel comfortable coming back into one another’s presence.

With that in mind, worship during the Easter season will include a moment to share “encounters with resurrection.” Just as the disciples were sometimes puzzled, sometimes overjoyed, sometimes hesitant to approach the risen Christ, we, too, will react in varied ways as life opens up again. On Sundays, we’ll take a moment before prayer time to share with one another things we have been able to do or witness “again for the first time” and how we feel about it. Sharing our experiences will help awaken us to the changes and prepare us for the new life to come.

Join us this spring in Zoom worship – Sunday mornings at 10 am.