September 19, 2023 – Happy Harvest Market!

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The days are upon us! As many of us spend a good portion of this week under tents, in kitchens, and sorting through donated treasures, my prayer is that we stay safe, healthy, and energized for what is to come. 

This coming Sunday’s gospel reading is the parable of the workers in the vineyard. Some begin their work at daybreak, some midday, and some just an hour before closing, but in the end, each are paid the same wage. It is a just wage for those who began earliest, and a generous one for those who started later. Yet those who began earliest complain: “hey, shouldn’t we be given more than those who only worked for an hour?”

I’ll refrain from offering much commentary, letting us each receive from this parable what we need to hear this week. But I will say that in my few years here, I have yet to hear someone in the church complain, “doesn’t the community know how much work we’re putting in for them? I hope they’re grateful for all of this!” On the contrary, even as we worry about whether enough hands will show up, there seems to be a level of trust and gratitude that preserves a welcoming spirit through the week’s more difficult moments. May it be so again this year!

I look forward to catching up with many of you in the fields, halls, and tents this weekend. Know that your labors are not in vain, and come Saturday, may another grand showing of community togetherness be our generous reward. 

Pastor Jen