August 23, 2023- Announcing our fall youth program

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For the past two years, UCU has offered an October program for junior and senior high youth that is a cross between Sunday School and youth group. We meet over the course of several weeks for learning, sharing, silliness, and maybe a few eye rolls toward the pastor who keeps insisting that they crack a Bible and read out loud. (Groan!) Well, guess what? We’re doing it again. 🙂

Due to my own family circumstances, this year’s program will be hyper local (sorry, friends, no trip to Boston this time) and super simple: a meal, some stories (yup, Bible ones), and closing around a campfire (or candlelight). But do not be deceived, for in such humble settings, miracles begin. It is our hope (Pastor Katelyn is joining us again this year), that this simple, predictable format will allow young people to (begin to) connect meaningfully with God and each other, start the week from a more centered place, and clue in a few ancient clergy about what’s really going on in the world.

Letters will be going out shortly to our families. But it’s not too soon to sign up, extend the invitation to family and neighbors, or volunteer to help around the edges. I’d love some support in both tangible (room setup, kitchen management, fire starting) and immeasurable (prayer, study, outreach) ways.

More to come,

Pastor Jen