January 11, 2023- renewed gratitude

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Thanks again to Tracie Wright for stepping in to lead worship in my absence last Sunday. As many do each week, our family worshipped remotely, appreciating the chance to hear a good word and center ourselves for the week and year. I have renewed gratitude both for our own tech team, which makes the experience run quite smoothly, and for resources like “A Sermon for Every Sunday:” the church universal taking care of local congregations when they face less predictable circumstances.

I am still recovering from a cold that seems all too happy to be taking its time, so this week I will just briefly remind of our upcoming meetings that are helping us prepare for the year ahead. This Sunday after worship, the trustees will lead a budget presentation reviewing our financial plans for 2023. You can attend this meeting in person in the sanctuary or online via Zoom

The same will be true of our Annual Meeting (1/22), which will again take place after church both in person and via Zoom. Digital copies of the annual report are available online; hard copies will arrive at the church in the next few days, but no later than this Sunday, Jan. 15. 

New this year is an in-person opportunity for a shared potluck breakfast before church. All are welcome as we gather downstairs at 8:30 am to share in the feast and in one another’s company. UCU will provide the beverages; we have faith that good food will show up in appropriate quantities. 🙂 Thank you, Will Wright, for suggesting and leading this endeavor. 

With great hope to be back among you this Sunday,

Pastor Jen