July 21, 2021 – UCU’s tents take a hit in the storm

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Last night’s quick and powerful storm caused a bit of local disruption and destruction. After wrapping a meeting with Membership & Evangelism in the tent as the storm moved in, I headed to the church basement to meet with the trustees. We heard heavy rain on the basement windows and saw occasional flashes of lightning during our meeting, but all of us were surprised at the scene as we emerged from the church. The storm had passed, and the skies were partially clear, but all four large tents were on the ground, having collapsed inward on themselves.

We give thanks that no one was injured, and that there was a crew (trustees) at the ready to spring into action. Guided by the Clutter Barn leaders and a few others who arrived on the scene, a team of 10 or so worked to detach tent sides, clear pools of water, hoist and secure the poles, and reassemble some of the clutter. When the sun set, head lamps, camping lanterns, and headlights came on so the work could continue. In about 90 minutes, all four tents were back up, along with at least some of our spirits!

As I’ve been sharing with ministries and small groups, I know we are tired. It has been a long, exhausting year. Getting our feet back under us is also an exhausting process. But as I listened to folks joke and laugh through the hammer swinging, clutter shuffling, and bug biting, I sensed some renewed energy. And of course there would be, because this is what church is all about: sharing life together as we gather in common purpose.

As we muddle through discovering what shared life and connection can look like at this stage of the journey, last night reminded me that we will surely find our way. Because when two or three are gathered, even in a time of trial, God will show up. I look forward to continued reconnection and resurrection in moments online and in person, planned and unplanned, desired and even preferably avoided. 

Pastor Jen

PS – Feel free to check in with Kathy Williamson if you’re interested in providing some extra help with the affected clutter.