March 15, 2023- A look ahead

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Holy Week is now just a few weeks away, but given the additional changes my family is expecting this Spring, this week, I’ve turned my attention to the season after Easter. While it is my hope to continue working throughout the month of April, after we celebrate the resurrection (April 9), there will be a Plan A and Plan B for each Sunday. If you have questions on how any aspect of church management will be handled in my absence, it’s not too soon to ask! I give thanks for the many individuals and ministries who are also working to ensure the ministry of UCU continues faithfully in my 12-week absence for parental leave.

For those who haven’t heard, we will be pleased to welcome Rev. Dr. Barbara Purinton to UCU during those weeks. Barbara will lead worship, provide emergency and pastoral care, attend select ministry meetings, and officiate special services as needed. Rev. Purinton, a retired UCC minister who served for many years at Richmond Congregational, has led worship among us a few times in the last year. She is looking forward to spending some glorious spring and summer months at UCU, including (likely!) much of July when we intend to again worship outdoors. 

God willing, Barbara and I will co-lead a special worship service on Sunday, April 30. Even if I am not present, Barbara will be, and the Missions Ministry will host their annual One Great Hour of Sharing brunch afterwards. If you can, please plan to be present that Sunday to welcome Barbara and join the feast!

In the coming weeks, I’ll share more about coverage and worship plans. The Mihok Larsons are very grateful for your prayers and grace as we prepare to welcome a new little one into our family as well as our shared church family.

I pray all of you have weathered well this week’s storm. 

Stay safe,

Pastor Jen