October 18, 2022- God’s world, God’s space

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“Mommy, I want to show you something!” My nearly three-year-old greeted me with excitement when I arrived at school pickup a few days ago. First it was the fish tank, with its three new residents plus an elusive sucker fish that he swore was there, but I did not see. Then it was off to the craft drying racks, where amongst a slew of nearly identical kids’ projects, he was able to locate the ones that were his. Then he took me to a stack of drawers where, again, he recognized the one with his name. He opened it and after showing me several of his recent creations, picked out a bright painting full of orange dots to bring home. 

Though such enthusiasm is not exactly rare for him, I was still touched by the wonder and eagerness that accompanied his sharing. Most days we grab his things and head for the car, both of us weary after a long day. But that day, he had other priorities. What I found even more amazing than his growing art portfolio was the accuracy and ease with which he navigated the room. This was clearly his space, but with pride and a warm welcome, he invited me in.

From the mouths of babes do we often hear God’s voice. It makes me wonder how many times each day God is saying, “Jen, I want to show you something!” while my fatigue, to-do list, or even prayerfully discerned priorities turn me in other directions. After all, this is God’s world, God’s space. And while we see its frailty and shortcomings in abundance, God may just be welcoming us to take in what God is proud of. 

May we be so blessed this week to recognize God’s eager invitations.

Pastor Jen