April 10, 2024 – Amazed

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There is no way to describe the celestial and earthly experience of Monday afternoon, other than to say it was amazing. A light and a darkness so out-of-the-ordinary, majestic, and sacred. We were prepared with our glasses, cereal box, snacks and extra jackets, but not for the total awe it would inspire. 

We mused with our friends about what the experience must have been like centuries ago in areas where the populace didn’t know it was coming. Darkness and cold in the middle of the day? How terrifying. Indeed, superstitions abound. While trying to research how to handle an infant during things, I came across all kinds of fears and myths about being pregnant during an eclipse. Stay inside, don’t wear red, do wear red, don’t use a knife. It’s all a bit wild, but so is the sun going dark in the middle of the day.

Knowledge is power. What a blessing to feel safe and excited for this event rather than fearful. Yet I’m also glad to have not been alone. A colleague of mine shared that she was on a drive home from a church event during totality. She pulled over into a Target parking lot to watch it, but then found that just viewing it by herself wasn’t enough. She FaceTimed her husband, still another state away, to have someone with which to share the moment.

My only regret is not to have gathered us together at the church for a viewing. I know many of us went to community events or a neighbor’s house, but it was indeed a sacred sighting. How I would have loved to share it with the people with whom I am ever seeking the holy. 

Maybe next time.

Pastor Jen