April 17, 2024- Season of Resurrection

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Last week, the Skoll World Forum met in Oxford, England. This gathering brought together many of the world’s big thinkers and actors in fields of science, philanthropy, business, and activism. Participants shared wisdom and experiences with one another, and NPR did a round up of several participants’ answer to the question, “how do you keep calm and carry on?” which (apparently!) is England’s motto. You can read the article here

In this season of resurrection, these stories of resilience and practices for keeping hope alive are welcome news. The comments reveal a common understanding that change takes time, is not easy, and naturally comes with setbacks. Still, there is always a way—and a healthy way—to put one foot in front of the other, to believe in a future that is envisioned, but not yet seen. 

In those early post-Easter days, it’s hard to say what the disciples envisioned for the movement they’d been a part of. In the very early days, they may not have had much vision at all. But what they did have was an incredible, unlikely, and life-saving story to share. They had joy in their connections to God and one another. They had reason to gather—week after week—to sing hymns and break bread and share stories and care for one another. These were the resilience practices that with the Spirit’s power, birthed the church. And they are still the things that keep us going all these many years later.

I look forward to our gathering again this week for Good Shepherd Sunday. We’ll revisit one of our most beloved and quoted parts of scripture (Psalm 23) as well as the image of Jesus as a shepherd who knows his sheep intimately. How blessed to be a part of the flock. 

Pastor Jen