February 23, 2022 – a Threshold moment

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This coming Sunday is what many would call a threshold moment. As we cross from one season (Epiphany) to another (Lent), we find ourselves amidst the glory of an unexpected mystical encounter: Jesus transfigured on the mountain, appearing alongside prophets long gone. If the other-worldly event feels hard to relate to, just remember how you felt stepping outside this (Wednesday) morning. In the middle of winter—a glorious reprieve. Like the disciple, Peter, I would be more than happy to build a dwelling and stay here!

While we know these “mountaintop” or “thin” moments to be fleeting, their brevity makes them no less real. Among other things, the transfiguration is an annual invitation to recall moments when glory draws close: a transcendent experience in the natural world; a season blessed with health or closeness, a sense of internal purpose or clarity; an ushering in of justice. Sometimes these powerful minutes are enough to keep us going for years. While we can’t necessarily recreate them, a pause to recall and give thanks is a sure way to honor the work of God in our lives.

As we recall the mountaintop this Sunday, we will also pause to honor and celebrate our sister, Fran, who has crossed from this world into a more glorious one. The sermon time will be reserved for a sharing of remembrances. We look forward to hearing your stories. If you will not be there in person, but have a story to share, please email me, and I’ll ensure it gets read on Sunday morning.

As was announced last week, all are welcome to return to the sanctuary for in-person worship beginning this Sunday. We will continue to mask, ventilate, and minimize singing and service time. The live stream and Padlet remain available for remote participation. When you’re ready, we’re ready. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Pastor Jen