June 1, 2022- Pentecost

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This weekend we recall the day of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit arrived with a rush and a flame, stirring early followers of Jesus to spread the good news in languages they hadn’t previously known.

It is fitting that this church holiday would intersect with our annual celebration of Christian Education. On Sunday, young people will take the lead offering original art, a variety of music, spoken word, and photos recounting a year of fellowship and service. And we who gather to receive these offerings are challenged to listen for the Holy Spirit, who might show up in language or expressions other than ones with which we are most familiar.

The liturgical color for this one-day celebration is red, signifying the flaming tongues and the mighty power of God’s love. You are invited to wear red or a like shade on Sunday, that we might appear as a people of God ablaze in the Spirit, ready to welcome good news in all the surprising forms it presents itself.

With great hope for the Spirit,

Pastor Jen