June 14, 2022- celebrations

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Greetings from your real, live, ordained pastor! Many thanks for the prayers, support, and presence that accompanied my family and me through this weekend. I look forward to our homecoming celebration this Saturday at 4:30 at the church. Our brief, ecumenical service will also be live-streamed at 4:30.

Different celebrations continue this Sunday as we recognize our grads, dads, and newest national holiday: Juneteenth. We also begin our summer journey with the Hebrew prophets this week, as we encounter Elijah on the run for his life. We’ll retrace his steps in search of nourishment, purpose, and clarity for our own journeys. Whether—like Elijah and our graduates—we find ourselves at a crossroads, or are simply putting one foot in front of another in longer-term vocations—like parenthood or freedom-seeking—we do well to draw in close and listen for God’s still, small voice.

I look forward to being with you again this weekend,

Pastor Jen