April 20, 2022- celebrating the resurrection

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How wonderful to celebrate the resurrection this Sunday through music, story, and image. As promised, I’m sending along the anthem (“Rejoice, the Lord is King” with bells and piano) as well as our 2022 Easter slideshow to be heard in their intended fullness. Easter is a season, not a day, so keep these close at hand as we journey through the coming weeks. After all, it can take a while for the good news to sink in. May these musical and visual celebrations aid us in receiving that good news ever more fully as we go.

The Sunday after Easter is traditionally described as a “low Sunday,” with everyone taking a bit of a break after the high festivities of resurrection day. Yet we have much to explore together on this Earth Sunday. As a congregation that prioritizes “preserving and connecting with the natural world, God’s gifts for life,” we would be remiss not to invoke the global call to repent (change your hearts and lives!), while also celebrating the ways we continue to meet God in the imperfect yet ever wondrous natural world.

With prayers for persistence through the renewed chill,

Pastor Jen