July 26, 2023- Truly Blessed

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Dear Friends,

It seems like yesterday that I arrived as your parental leave pastor, sharing the April 30 service with Jen as she prepared to take time to welcome Mira and spend time with her family. I am truly blessed to have been able to spend this time among you and share in your faithful and committed ministries.  From worship planning to missions, memorial services and Sunday School songs, fellowship, and tent worship (or not!), I have learned so much about the impact of UCU on the community and will follow the next steps of Harvest Crossing with prayerful interest. And stop by the Harvest Market too!  

This Sunday, Jen and I will again share the service as she returns.  I’m looking forward to seeing you on a Sunday in November, so this is really a “see you in church” moment for the future.

Best Wishes,